About Ron

Ron grew up on a small family farm, is a former High School Agriculture Science Teacher, and a retired US Army Major, with 21 years Active Duty (10 yrs enlisted reaching rank of Sergeant First Class and  11 as a commissioned Officer)  plus 8 years previously in the  National Guard.  Ron is a graduate of Ohio State University with a BS in Agriculture and major in Education as well as a graduate of the University of Nebraska through the US Military's Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) with a BS in Medical Science and National Certification as a Physician Assistant.   Ron is a former Infantry Soldier, Paratrooper, Army Special Forces “Green Beret” Medical Sergeant and A-Team member, and Army Medical Officer.  Ron has served in diverse missions to include Foreign Internal Defense (Seychelles Islands, Singapore), Interoperability Training (Australia, Canada, Korea), Drug Interdiction (Caribbean, California) and as Headquarters Department of the Army Staff Officer assigned to the Army Office of the Surgeon General in Washington DC.  Additionally, Ron served four combat deployments – two to Iraq and two to Afghanistan.   Ron currently works as Occupational Medicine Physician Assistant. Most importantly Ron is married to Kelly- an Active Duty US Army Nurse and Lieutenant Colonel serving at Fort Knox KY; they have six children and two grandchildren.

Ron is running to be YOUR Voice in OUR United States Senate because:

We need leaders, not looters in Washington!
We need a Kentucky and America that works for ALL of us again!
We need functional goverment that represents ALL of us again!









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